A video posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on Jul 25, 2016 at 6:40pm PDT

It’s basically when someone on the Internet posts a pic, video, snap of an empty product. So what’s so special about a photograph of someone’s recycling bin? What does that really do for your beauty routine?

Well, for starers, as someone who tests out countless products every single week, I have to say it can do a lot. Listen, if you’re using a sub-par cleanser that’s making you break out, are you REALLY going to finish it? And even if you do finish, you’re going to have an excellent idea of how it performs because you took the time to, you know, go through the entire bottle and let the product's performance do the talking.

To quote Zoella, "There’s something really satisfying about knowing that someone has completely used up a product.”

Usually, if it’s a video, the vlogger goes through whether or not they’d purchase them again, the perks, the price, what it smells like, what it feels like, etc. Type in the phrase alone on YouTube and you’ll get over 100,000 results.

And of course, some people just post photos of products they LOVE with mini reviews in the comments.

For me, scrolling through these pics on Instagram have helped me discover new brands and new formulations and start beauty convos I wouldn't have had otherwise.

I actively look forward to applying moisturizer after a shower and feel a strange sense of pride when I finish a product. Part of my job is also testing out products, so you can believe I empty out a few every week. With that being said, you can expect at least a few more flatlays from me in the near future!

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