Knotless braids are one of the must-have protective styles. Not only are these braids beautiful, but they are also kinder to your hair. These braids do not use the tight knot that is used in more traditional box braids. Instead, these braids start with your own hair and the other hair is gradually fed in. Also, you will not have sore scalp and your hair won’t break. With that said, we know you will love these braids if you don’t already, so to give you some hair inspiration, we have found 9 gorgeous ways to wear knotless braids. We have different colors, braid lengths and more. Take a look to find your gorgeous new hairstyle!



  • As we’ve already mentioned, you start your braids off with your natural hair versus traditional braids where you start with synthetic hair right away. This step gives your hair a more of a seamless and natural look.
  • The best thing about these braids? There’s really no pulling on your scalp and that’s one of the biggest reasons why so many women would probably never go back to box braids. Box braids pull so much and that’s not good for your edges and your hair overall. Knotless style is extremely lightweight, and it doesn’t matter how large or how small you go with these braids. Traditional braids use a whole lot more synthetic hair to hide your own natural hair and that alone is what adds so much weight and makes box braids heavy for a lot of women.
  • With knotless braids there is no tension, so the second you get them done you can move them around and style them however you want. When you get regular box braids, your head is hurting for a week or more and you really can’t do much with your braids but leave them down. No pain and tension is a big plus for us! If you’re tender-headed, you will absolutely adore these braids.
  • Knotless braids can be styled in so many different and trendy ways. It’s basically like having long straight hair. There is no any knots so you will be able to style your braids into ponytails, buns, and other trendy updo styles. There is so much that you can do with them!
  • They last long and you can have them in for up to two months.


  • The thing you should know before getting these braids is that they take very long to do – up to 10 hours. Especially if you opt for small and very long braids.
  • If you have short or soft hair in the front, the braids can slip out.
  • High price: $250- $700 (not including hair).

1. Medium Knotless Braids with Beads

The first hairstyle that we have to show you features stylish knotless braids with beads. These braids are about mid length and have trendy parts. This is a beautiful and easy to wear look that will suit anyone. We love the beads because you can use different shapes and colors to really make your hair unique. Beads can be used on a shorter or longer version of this style as well.

2. Bold Red Braids

If you are looking for a bold and trendy style, then this is for you. Here we have very long braids with added red color. For this look, the color starts quite dark and then goes brighter towards the tips. You can recreate this or have more of the vivid red color. Either way, your hair will look amazing. There is a YouTube tutorial for this hairstyle down below.

<iframe frameborder="0" height="349" src="" width="620"> </iframe>

3. Knotless Goddess Braids

Next, we have a stunning updo that was created with small knotless goddess braids. The beautiful braids have been styled up to create a stunning and statement making bun. A hairstyle like this is so versatile because it can be worn for any occasion – from a casual day to a party, it all depends on how you wear it. This is one of our favorite looks because it will look gorgeous on everyone.

4. Cute Braided Bob

One of the must-have looks is a bob and with hairstyles like this, we can see why! Here we have a cute and stylish braided bob. The hair is a beautiful and warm shade and the braids are around chin length. We love the color and length of the hair because it is such a chic and trendy combo. A bob is the perfect hairstyle for the spring and summer.

5. Awesome Green Knotless Braids

Another cool color you could try is green! Now green may seem a bit daring but as you can see, the hair below looks awesome. So, for this look the hair is styled into knotless braids and the hair is a mix of dark and light green tones. It is such a statement making look. You can wear your braids in a ponytail or loose like in the image. There is a tutorial for these braids on the link here.

6. Gorgeous High Ponytail

The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that can be worn in different ways. Next, we have a gorgeous high ponytail that will make you look trendy for any occasion. These knotless braids are a warm shade and have been styled very high on the head. The hair also has cute accessories that really jazz up the braids. Hair like this is stylish and easy to wear. You can view a tutorial on how to create this ponytail as well as two other styles for this type of braid on the link here. Hair used: Kanekalon hair in color “30”.

7. Long Knotless Braids with Curls

Next, we have a hairstyle that uses knotless bohemian braids. As you can see, these braids look stunning! The braids are long, use multi tone color and the curls are just gorgeous. Braids like these are great for the ladies who feel that their hair has been a bit drab so it could do with a glam makeover. Recreate this or you can try the same look with shorter hair too.

8. Long Caramel Braids

Looking for a hairstyle that is trendy and easy to wear? If so, this is for you. Here we have long knotless braids that are beautiful caramel shade. We love the caramel color because it suits all seasons. It is bright for the spring and summer but warm for the fall and winter too. Hair like this will also look gorgeous for any occasion and it will suit everyone. It is just a pretty style and it is one of our favorites!

9. Trendy Double Buns

Next, we have a fun and trendy style to show you. For this look, the braids have been styled into a half updo. Half of the braids are left loose and the other half are tied up into two buns. As you can see, the double bun look is so stylish and unique. This is perfect for the ladies who want to stand out from the crowd. Recreate the style or tie all your braids up into the buns. Hair like this is great for the summer and festivals.

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