There is nothing more unsightly than having a lot of hair growth on your legs. It is a common thing among women and many are reluctant to do anything about it because leg hair can be tedious and painful to get rid of. So what can you do about if you are one of the many women who prefer not to have visible hair growth on their legs? Many people turn to shaving as the answer, but are then met with the decision of whether to dry or wet shave. Here are the pros and cons of each.

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It is important to note that just like everything else in life no two individuals are ever the same, so although this article will make suggestions and give you information it is up to you to choose what works best for you. You may have sensitivity to one shaving method or another, or it could be that they both work well for you and it comes down to personal preference. So consider what you learn here and make the best choice for your individual situation.

Many women prefer to periodically wet shave their legs as opposed to other methods of hair removal. It can be conveniently done in the bath without making a mess and there are many creams that can be applied to make a razor slide comfortably along your legs while doing it. There are some drawbacks to wet shaving your legs though. Here are the pros and cons of wet shaving:

Pros of Wet Shaving:

Smooth finish

Can be conveniently done in the bath

Healthy for the skin if the right cream is used

It can be relaxing

Cons of Wet Shaving:

Nicks and cuts

Dry, irritated skin

Expense of creams and razors

It must be noted that a lot of the pros and cons that are mentioned can be caused or averted by using quality creams and quality razors when wet shaving.

This type of hair removal is done by using such devices as the Braun electric shaver which is specially made for a woman’s delicate legs. Unfortunately, since you are using electricity a device this cannot be used while you are in the bath like wet shaving can. However, when you use an electric shaver you do not need any additional creams or anything to apply before you shave.

Here are the pros and cons of dry shaving with an electric razor:


Saves time

No expensive razors to purchase all the time

No nicks or cuts

Does not cause dry skin

Leaves skin smooth


High initial cost (although this will be offset over time)

Irritates some ladies skin (rare)

Need to have electricity to use or charge it

Dry shaving with an electric shaver takes no prep time because you can just pick up your shaver and start using it.

It doesn’t just have to be one or the other either. You may have success with both methods and alternate between them. No matter which one you choose they are both great ways to get the unsightly hair off your legs.

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