Cellulite, stretch marks, and general wobbly skin isn’t a great look to be sporting, especially now that the temperature is soaring to the double digits in Toronto. When you put on your shorts and tank top, you want to look good on the patios downtown; when you put on your bathing suit, you want to be confident in your own skin. You can banish cellulite and loose skin from ruining your summerwith an amazing new skin strengthening treatment.

Carboxy therapy is the latest craze sweeping the city. It’s popular with Torontonians because it actually works, providing an effective alternative to messy and smelly creams. Unlike topical ointments that do nothing to improve the surface of your skin, carboxy therapy targets the deep structural damage that is the root cause of cellulite and loose skin. By treating and strengthening the subcutaneous framework of your epidermis, this special treatment can provide visible and lasting results.

The way it works is unusually simple, as it harnesses the natural processes of the body to suit its purposes. During a typical treatment, a trained skin care professional will administer carbon dioxide via needles into the deeper layers of the skin, flushing this area with CO2 gas. This prompts a natural wound healing response in your body, causing oxygenated blood to flood the area. Oxygenated blood is instrumental in rejuvenating skin cells, as the oxygen-rich blood cells metabolise fatty deposits and retained fluids. The injected CO2 also encourages the structural fibres to produce additional collagen while strengthening the existing tissue. When the deeper layers of your skin grow stronger, they become tighter – creating a smoother, tauter look to your epidermis.

While the word ‘needle’ can cause stress in the trypanophobic, it’s an unfounded fear. Carboxy therapy is a naturally painless treatment that requires zero downtime or recovery. Appointments can be made in the middle of the day, and you can continue your chores as soon as they’re done. All you’ll feel is a slight warming sensation as your circulation improves.

The number of sessions that you’ll need depends on the condition of your skin and the severity of your cellulite. Set up a consultation with a knowledgeable and certified technician who is highly trained in skin rejuvenation methods. Every skin care professional at Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics is trained and experienced in providing the best care.Any one of their representatives will be able to create a personalized skin care regime that will quickly and affordably reduce the look of cellulite, stretch marks, and lax skin.For the best carboxy treatments in Toronto, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

When you look good, your self-confidence will be through the roof. You’ll never second guess donning your revealing outfit or accepting an invitation to the beach. With smoother, cellulite-free skin you’ll enjoy the summer spent under the sun.

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