Typically, I'm a concealer and powder kind of gal. Most long-wearing foundations usually irritated my skin, and after some time not wearing the product, it usually felt weird whenever I'd do it again. This is not to imply that I'm one of those "I don't wear a lot of makeup!" people, because I do—clearly, mascara and eyeliner are my life blood—but even when I did use a traditional foundation, I'd treat it more like concealer and wouldn't apply it all over.

YSL's latest formula, however, promised to be different.

For Fall 2017, YSL launched their All Hours Foundation ($58; sephora.com), which aims to surpass the expectations of a long-wearing foundation. Rather than the day-to-night timeframe, the brand claims All Hours is more of a night-to-day situation. Allegedly, there would be no wear for up to 24 hours, skin would stay as hydrated as it was flawless, with minimal creasing. I took this as my cue to see how well it wore last Friday, when I knew I'd have a full day at work, followed by this Emo Night Booze Cruise my friends and I were heading to later that night. Emo Night is one of my favorite events ever, next to my own birthday, and usually happens on a monthly basis in Brooklyn. Basically, two live DJs (and the occasional special guest) will play all of the sad, catchy songs I used to listen to in high school, as the entire crowd sings along and forms mosh pits accordingly.

Yes, there are mosh pits at an Emo Night event, and I usually end up leaving covered in beer since it's impossible to hold a drink and get into "Seventy Times Seven" by Brand New without also flinging your drink across the room, apparently. This one was a little more special, considering it was on a boat that also happened to have an open bar, and I just hadn't been to one in a hot minute.

Friday morning, I mixed the Bisque and Warm Sand shades together to match my skin, applied stripes of the foundation down my nose, under my eyes, and a little on my chin and forehead, then used a damp BeautyBlender to buff the product outward. I loved how the product had a faint rose scent, as most YSL makeup does, and I loved how the fluid formula made it easy to blend. It dried to a pretty matte finish once it set, so finishing powder was pretty minimal, and I liked how it looked more natural than mask-like, as some foundations tend to wear. The above photo was taken at work, roughly around 10:30. I liked the almost-airbrushed finish—it was something I was a little new to since I abide by the aforementioned powder and concealer routine. Unlike other full-coverage foundations I've tried, YSL's formula was pretty lightweight, and I didn't have that weird, sometimes itchy sensation my skin gets before a foundation-triggered pimple takes shape mid-day.

We shot another picture about an hour later, and there weren't any noticeable differences to report.

Marianne Foundation Hour Later - Embed

My skin gets oily as hell, so an increase in shine was to be expected, and a little product gathered in the laugh lines that continue to be the bane of my existence, but nothing dramatic overall. Granted, this was an hour later, and my job doesn't require any strenuous physical labor. As the day went on, the shine never got insane enough for me to powder over, so I used blotting paper once before dipping out of the office, and didn't feel the need to touch up.

When I got home, I knew a nap was in order, especially since I was expected to be awake until at least 4 A.M. Not even caring if my face imprinted itself onto my pillow like the Shroud of Turin, I passed out on my bed for about two hours and was awoken by texts from friends inquiring whether I would be wearing Converse Chucks or Vans.

Chucks, obviously.

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To my surprise, no foundation had transferred onto the pillow, and I didn't feel the need to touch up with anything aside from a few swipes of powder down my T-zone before heading to dinner around 8:30. Emo Night would be the real test.

The boat itself carried two different climates—the downstairs portion, which is where the DJ was stationed, was closed in with windows and got pretty humid since that was where the bulk of the crowd gathered and danced. Upstairs was open to the elements with an awning covering the entirety of the deck. It rained a few times, so you know, humidity all around. The crowd was as lively as expected, all of the dancing got me insanely sweaty, and one obnoxious guy kept pouring beer on people. Seriously, who does that? During a few of my favorite songs, I snuck into the mosh pit, and on no less than three occasions, helped hold up a few dudes who attempted to crowd surf. I was gross, sweaty, covered in my own beverage, and my face made contact with approximately 10 balloons and the back of my friend Rochelle's head a few times over the course of the night.

I climbed into an Uber around 4:15, which was the first time I had looked at myself all night since leaving my apartment. Of course, the foundation had worn off more significantly than it had during my nap, but not bad overall. I took a few pictures in the lobby of my building before heading upstairs, because that's where the good lighting was.

Marianne Foundation After - Embed

If you want to get critical and zoom in on my dumb face, you'll see the breakouts I attempted to hide on my upper lip and chin became more visible, but not so prominent that it's the only thing you look at when you see my face.

Or anyway, I hope that's not the first thing you're looking at.

Despite the intensity of the event and 14 to 15 hour time stretch I wore the foundation, it held up well, barely creased, and most importantly, I didn't see any new breakouts once I removed my face from the night. 10/10 would enter a mosh pit with YSL's All Hours Foundation again.

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