Ever wonder why your dark circles show through, no matter how much concealer you layer on? Red lipstick just might be the solution.

By now, you've probably seen the viral makeup tutorial created by Deepica Mutyala, YouTube guru and Birchbox senior manager of brand development, who uses a bright red lipstick to conceal her under-eye circles. Sounds crazy, but the method really does work---the super warm hue counteracts the cool tones in her skin, allowing a layer of concealer to be seamlessly blended over the top. Color-correcting your dark circles is a key step, but to find a shade that works for you, start by determining your undertones.

If you have an olive-based complexion like Deepica's, follow her lead and use red cream formulas like NARS Matte Multiple in Siam ($39; narscosmetics.com), and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Creme Color Concentrate in District ($23; nordstrom.com), which are less likely to slide around than lipstick, or a powder formula like NYX Primal Colors Pressed Pigment in Hot Red ($5; ulta.com). The bright orange-red tones cancel out the green and blue hints under the eyes, meaning you can use a lighter hand on the concealer that follows.

Alternately, skin tones with a lot of pink or red hints should neutralize any ruddiness by layering a base of a cool violet, green, or yellow concealer prior to applying one that matches your complexion. Even for lighter skin, the idea is the same---just start with a small, sheer amount of product, and layer on more as needed. You won't need very much since you'll be following with a swipe of your usual concealer, and this step is just to neutralize the deeper shades under your eyes.

Confused about where to start? A one-size-fits-most palette like Make Up For Ever's 12 Flash Color Case ($99; sephora.com) is jam-packed with enough complementary tones to play with, along with some tawny neutrals that can be mixed to act as concealer. As an added bonus, the shades you don't use on your undereyes can be repurposed as anything from creme shadow to lipstick, expanding your makeup wardrobe even further.

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