She's got that post-pregnancy glow! There's no doubt that Kristen Bell—who gave birth to her second child just last month—has positively incredible skin.

But what is her routine for keeping that famous face in tip-top shape? "I actually don’t wash my face in the morning," Bell tells InStyle of her method to maintaining a luminous appearance. "I wash it at night in the shower so my pores are open. I have sensitive skin and dry skin, so all the oils that come out at night, I need to save."

And, she has one other trick for keeping her visage in radiant form: "I run a washcloth under the InstaHot (a water dispenser) or nuke it in the microwave and just set a hot towel on my face for 20 seconds every single day," she shares. "There are lazy days for sure, but it makes me look like I just went on a 10-minute run."

—With reporting by Andrea Cheng

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