The cat eye is probably one of the toughest looks to perfect. But every once in awhile, a version of the technique comes around that's so killer, it makes you want to try. The graphic black and gold cat eye that Tracee Ellis Ross wore to the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars Party is one example.

We don't know exactly which products were used in the making of this perfect look, but if we had to guess, a gold shadow was swept all over the star's lids, followed by a matte black applied in the crease, outer corners, and then swept out into a wing. Tightline eyeliner and a few coats of mascara further defined her eyes, and a swipe nude lipstick rounded out the entire look.

For her hair, Ross brushed back her natural curls so they were up and out of her face.

VIDEO: Tracee Ellis Ross Arrives at 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars Party

Consider this your receipt that cat eyes don't have to be difficult.

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