As someone who wears liquid eyeliner almost every single day, I consider myself somewhat of a liner coinsurer. My routine is on lock, I have a favorite liner, and I can do my go-to thin cat-flick in three minutes flat. Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been wearing a cat-eye of Adele proportions for years, we’re all bound to have a bump in the road once and a while.

Instead of reaching for the nearest makeup remover wipe the next time your hand goes off track (or if you’re like me, cursing) say "hello” to the eyeliner of your perfectly drawn on cat-flick dreams. Lancme’s game-changing Grandise Bendable Eyeliner has a bendable wand that can be clicked to a 35 degree angle and pivots for the most precise eyeliner application ever.

Depending on how you want your cat-eye to look, it often requires some contortionism with your hand when it comes time to do the eye opposite of your dominant hand. To eliminate the unsteady hand positioning that often leads to jagged lines, the liner’s wand can be clicked towards you after you’ve drawn on the actual flick, so you can easily trace the lash line and fill it in depending on how dramatic you’re feeling that day.

As for the actual formula, it’s highly pigmented, glides on smoothly, and stays smudge-free even through tears. Rumor has it you’ll want to pick one up for yourself for $32 at

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