If you're searching for a career in fashion, you have to go where the jobs are. New York may pride itself on being one of the chicest fashion hubs in the world, but when it comes to which city is the most sartorial-savvy in America, N.Y.C is not number one. In light of Fashion Week, Trulia has compiled data on the most fashionable cities in America, and the results definitely surprised us.

How did it work? Trulia created a "fashion-conscious index" to rank cities based on two things: the number of fashion businesses in each metro and the percentage of "fashion-conscious households" in the sample, which they defined as households that contained typical fashion accessories. (The most coveted celebrity closets were identified as Kendall Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, Yolanda Foster, and Kim Kardashian—in that respective order.)

The fashion index consists of metrics derived from Yelp data on local businesses and Trulia's real estate listing data. For the first metric, they counted the number of businesses in Yelp that were categorized as fashion, personal shopping, or bespoke clothing. They then controlled for how big each metro area is by dividing the total count of Yelp business related to fashion in each metro by the number of occupied households in each metro.

For the second metric, Trulia counted the number of real estate listings with descriptions containing typical fashion accessories, such as walk-in closets and dressing rooms. They ranked the top 100 metros by each of these two metrics. These two ranks were combined, weighted equally, to form the final index.

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Los Angeles, California topped the list, ranking at nearly four times the national fashion index. Last year, the Global Language Monitor crowned Paris the most fashion-forward city in the world, so don't gloat yet, L.A.—you've got some international catching up to do!

Check out the ranking below to see if your city made the list of the best dressed cities in America.

    Los Angeles, California

    New York, New York

    Anaheim, California

    Riverside, California

    Austin, Texas

    Orlando, Florida

    Chicago, Ilinois

    Seattle, Washington

    Atlanta, Georgia

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