It seems we weren't alone; fast forward half a year, and VB has added to the range thanks to the huge demand for the original capsule collection. This time round, we lucked out because Estee Lauder make-up artist Tamaro Spano offered to come into the studio and show us how to nail Victoria's look.

Watch the video for the ultimate guide in duping VB's look, and buy up the new Saffron Sun bronzer ASAP if you like what you see. If the last range's sellout success is anything to go by, we're predicting that this one will be snapped up by anyone keen for a glow this summer (so, everyone).

VB's Signature Make-Up Look In Steps:

1. Eyeliner. Lots of it. Smudge it all around the eyes and you don't need to be too precise - the smudging will disguise any wonky lines. Just make sure you're wiggling it right into your lashes.

2. Take black eyeshadow and push it into the black eyeliner to diffuse the look. You can use a brush or a cotton bud.

3. Add warmth with a bronze eyeshadow swept into the crease of your eye using a fluffy brush.

4. Take a highlighter and dust it into the inner corners of your eyes for that wide-eyed look, then add lashings of mascara.

5. Bronzer - and don't scrimp; VB is all about the bronze. Sweep it all over the face.

6. Highlighter. Victoria's second signature = a whole load of face glow. Dust onto the tops of cheekbones, on the cupid's bow, and down the centre of the nose.

7. Load up lips with a nude lipstick and gloss. Again: be liberal. VB is a loud and proud wearer of make-up.

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