When clever marketing, Halloween, and beauty products collide, my wallet practically levitates out of my purse and all of a sudden I've gone through the whole shopping cart procedure and have clicked "buy" without even knowing what happened.

Samesies for anyone else?

In any case, this Zombie Scrub by Etsy seller TheBubblingCauldron—which pun-ily promises to "remove dead skin"—definitely fits all three criteria ($9, Etsy). Clearly I'm not alone in instant adoration, as Zombie Scrub already has 44,000 views and over 5,000 "hearts" on Etsy.

At first, the listing kind of freaked me out, as it 100 percent jokingly listed powdered hemlock (a very poisonous plant) and swamp water as ingredients.

That's what you call having a killer sense of humor... What the scrub actually contains: sugar, sweet almond oil, honey, essential oils, optiphen (a preservative), and a colorant.

Zombie Facial Scrub - Embed

Also, according to the listing and reviews, it smells like fresh eucalyptus—nothing like what you'd imagine a rotting zombie to smell like.

We haven't tried it out, but it definitely seems like something that would make you chuckle whenever you see it perched on your shelf.

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