I don't remember a time where I haven't been chasing dewy skin. A clear, glowing — not shiny — complexion is the trademark of what many of us consider to be healthy skin. And even though I've tried dozens of highlighters, radiant-finish foundations, and illuminating moisturizers over the years to get that elusive, lit-from-within glow, no product makes my face look as dewy as when I've just applied my favorite serums, moisturizer, and face oils. However, the catch is that these products are supposed to absorb into your skin. So, that glow? It lasts about as long as an episode of Succession.

But leave it Glossier, the millennial-favorite beauty brand that's turned dewiness into a lifestyle, to create a solution. Launching today, Futuredew, is an oil-serum hybrid that instantly gives skin the same allover, just-applied-skincare glow — except it lasts.

Rich with nourishing oils (jojoba, grape seed, evening primrose, and rosehip), a brightening fruit extract, moisturizing plant-based squalane, and light-reflecting particles, Futuredew is meant to be used as the last step in your skincare routine. And it can be worn under makeup, like a glow-boosting primer with skincare benefits. Its peachy tint and dense texture reminds me of a serum foundation, but it leaves your skin gleaming, in lieu of giving you coverage.


Intrigued by the new product, three InStyle editors put Futuredew to the test. Here, our honest opinions on whether or not Glossier's latest launch lives up to the hype.

Erin Lukas, Beauty Editor

"Like I said, I'm not a matte gal. My ideal skin is so gleamy and glowy, that I look as shiny as the glazed doughnut from my favorite vegan bakery, which is exactly how Futuredew make my skin look. Even though the texture of this product is thick, it felt weightless when I wore it under makeup. I also added a bit more to my cheekbones and the tip of my nose instead of using highlighter. In the end, I stayed glowy all day, and the oil-serum didn't make my makeup melt or pill."

Kayla Greaves, Senior Beauty Editor

"I love a glossy, dewy finish, so Futuredew felt like a godsend. But I have to admit, from the first pump, I was a bit skeptical. Seeing that Futuredew came out opaque made me pause for a second and think that it was going to leave some type of cast over my skin. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the formula not only melted into a transparent serum as soon as I rubbed it into my skin, but it also left me with that just-got-a-facial-glow for hours."

Kylie Gilbert, Senior Lifestyle Editor

"True to promise, Glossier’s new oil-serum really does give you that super-dewy, just-took-a-hot-yoga-class glow. I rarely leave my house without applying my go-to highlighter, but this product is a pretty darn good substitute. One caveat? It made my combination skin look a bit too dewy in the T-zone by mid afternoon. So if your skin veers on the oily side, I’d apply sparingly or focus on areas where you want a little extra sheen, like your cheekbones."

Glossier Futuredew is available for $24 at Glossier.com.

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