File this under straight out of a fairytale.

Joel Lynch recently pulled off a magical Beauty and the Beast proposal for his girlfriend, Cara Szymanski, and it might just be the best Disney movie-themed marriage ask we've ever seen. Aside from the dazzling diamond ring, perfect library setting, and "Tale as Old as Time" playing in the background, his romantic proposal came complete with a replica of Belle's beautiful yellow ball gown, which he sewed all on his own for his now-fiancée to wear.

Lynch, who is currently a graduate student at the University of Iowa, chronicled his touching proposal story on Imgur, where he shared a series of images that detail how the project began (he admits it was no simple feat) to the ultimate completion of the piece. "She grew up admiring Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Wanting to recreate the famous scene, I decided to make her the dress to coincide with my proposal," he captioned one of the pictures.

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He also shared several snaps of the actual proposal, which feature Szymanski twirling in the voluminous creation as well as images of Lynch getting down on one knee.

Check out all of the photos above, and prepare to be very impressed.

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