She started off that mission with Goop Glow, an antioxidant-rich powder supplement designed to help boost your skin's radiance. So the obvious next step was to dive deeper than the surface and create a collagen-based formula that would support the skin's structure and reduce the visible signs of aging we mentioned earlier.

For the record, it's still unclear whether drinking collagen can actually make improvements to your skin. There is some science, but not enough to make an overwhelming claim.

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So what sets Paltrow's powder collagen apart from the hundreds of other formulas people are adding to their coffee and post-workout smoothies? For starters, where it comes from.

"We’re very committed at goop to making the highest quality, cleanest products we can. For something like collagen, when we started to research, a lot of collagen comes from cows at factory farms and is heavy in heavy metals and antibiotics. Some people don’t want to eat anything that came from a cow," she told InStyle.

Her team turned to wild Alaskan pollack as the source, instead. The fish is caught for food purposes, while goop utilizes the byproduct (the skin, the bones) for Goop Genes.

Another big differentiator is the way it tastes — sweet, almost like candy, and in Paltrow's words "so yummy that it's almost not goop-y." Most collagen powders are relatively tasteless, which is why lends themselves well to coffee and other beverages. Paltrow wanted something that did have a flavor, but was completely different than the citrus-y Goop Glow. A batch that tasted like birthday cake won her over.

One glass isn't going to give you the skin of a 20-year-old, though. Her team says consistency is key if you want results — i.e. drinking the recommended one glass a day for about three months and then reassessing. It's also advised to be used in coordination with a thorough skincare routine and, yes, drinking enough water.

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