As expected, summer has ushered in its beauty mantra: the brighter, the better. Bold lipsticks and nearly neon polishes tend to become an unofficial dress code in the warmer months—brighter days call for brighter pigments, no? Consider giving your lashes the same treatment. This season, swap traditional black mascaras for jewel-tone shades to frame your eyes with a pop of color. We tapped celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose, who is never shy to play with color on clients like Lupita Nyong’o, Tessa Thompson, and Amy Poehler. Here’s how it’s done according to your eye color and complexion.

The Color: Emerald Green

Jewel Tone Mascara - Embed 3

Who it’s For: Those with blue or brown eyes. "In general, it's more about the eye color than skin tone,” says Barose. "Pick a mascara that contrasts your eye color. [If it’s] too similar, it won't pop as much.” No matter your complexion, emerald will look great on your lashes. But if you’ve got green eyes, you may want to try another gem.

Try: Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara in Green ($23;

The Color: Cobalt Blue

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Who it’s For: Anyone with brown, green, or hazel eyes. Adhering to Barose’s tip, bright blue is a stark contrast against brown, green, and hazel eyes. Another element to keep in mind—your lash color. "The darker the lashes, the less bright the color will show up. Keep in mind when you’re buying a mascara that even if it's bright in the tube, it might translate differently on your lashes. I prefer to buy brighter shades." If possible, head to stores with test tubes to get a true sense of the color before committing to a formula.

Try: Avon SuperShock Brights Mascara in Royal Shock ($7;

The Color: Amethyst Purple

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The Color: Amethyst Purple

Who it’s For: Women with fair or medium skin tones and all eye colors. "Purple has a bit of red and blue in it so it's a very versatile color. However, anything with a red base tends to disappear against dark skin tones.” If you’ve got a dark complexion and are looking for a bold pop of color, amethyst may not be your best bet. Stick to emerald or cobalt instead.

Try: Blinc Mascara in Dark Purple ($26;

Barose shares an easy trick if you’re looking to up the wow-factor when wearing jewel-tone mascaras. "To make color mascara pop more, dot a similar color liner along your lash lines.” Try Lancme Artliner 24H Liquid Liner ($31; in the shade that works best with your skin tone and eye color for a punch of color and the all-day staying power that you need this summer.

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