With 80 degree weather still sticking around in many parts of the country, it can be hard to even think about putting on a coat. But between back to school posts and Halloween prep, we know that autumn is around the corner, and temperatures can turn frosty practically overnight (as anyone who lives in the North East probably knows). Now is the time to stock up on your jackets and autumn outfit ideas, this way you won't be shivering every time you step outside.

One classic jacket that is always a great investment, never goes out of style, and is guaranteed to keep you warm? The puffer. Puffer jackets simultaneously make a statement while guarding you from that biting chill in the air, and right now, there are plenty on the market to choose from — meaning all the more options for crafting the perfect puffer jacket outfit. After all, adding a statement piece like a puffer can take a mundane outfit and turn it into bold, trendy ensemble for chilly fall and winter days.

In anticipation of weather that will make us want to bundle up, we garnered puffer jacket outfit ideas from all of our favorite celebrities. Scroll on for inspiration and to shop similar styles that are going to be everywhere this year.

Make a Leather-Like Puffer Jacket Your Statement Piece

The Best Ways to Style Puffer Jacket Outfits

The leather puffer jacket that took the fashion world by storm last year is still going strong. Plus, it helps to amp up an outfit full of basics, making you look chic while staying warm.

Wear Your Coat as a Dress

The Best Ways to Style Puffer Jacket Outfits

Leave it to the ever-daring Rihanna to turn a practical winter staple into complete moment. Go oversized with your coat and wear it with booties and not much else for the warmest 'dress' you'll ever wear.

Style a Cropped Option with Bold Pants

The Best Ways to Style Puffer Jacket Outfits

Like Kendall Jenner perfectly executes here, a neutral-colored, cropped puffer jacket is a match made in heaven for high-waisted, bold-printed pants. Whether your style is more funky animal prints or color blocked '70s slacks, it's a combination that looks cool every time.

Test Out a Bold Print

The Best Ways to Style Puffer Jacket Outfits

On the other hand, reverse that previously stated trend for a loud printed jacket, which will spruce up any solid-colored outfit. Quintessential cool girl Dua Lipa fought off the cold with this graffiti-like printed design, which helped add some excitement to those simple black bottoms.

Reach for Vibrant Colors

The Best Ways to Style Puffer Jacket Outfits

Trade in your neutral jacket for a vibrant hue, which will brighten up your outfits all winter long. Emily Ratajkowski's fire hydrant red coat completely stole the show in this classic look.

Channel Your Inner Skaterboi

The Best Ways to Style Puffer Jacket Outfits

Lean into the early aughts nostalgia with a skater-boy-meets-surfer-dude aesthetic. Pair an oversized puffer jacket with a ski cap and sport sunglasses, just like Bella Hadid did here.

Go with a Shiny Metallic Something

The Best Ways to Style Puffer Jacket Outfits

A silver or gold puffer will liven up any look. Try styling your own with leather pants, just like Kim Kardashian, to create the best — and warmest! — going out look on a chilly winter's night.

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