A photo posted by SP3NC3R BARN3S (@spencerbarnesla) on Sep 20, 2016 at 4:51pm PDT

No, seriously... Doesn't girlfriend look like a freaking Disney princess? Doesn't she look like she could sing to birds and cute little mice and they'd gather around to listen?

Makeup artist Spencer Barnes shared the Cinderella-inspired photo of Julianne on his Instagram with the caption, "something about today's look tells me there's a role in Julianne Hough's future..."

We could not agree more, so someone over in Hollywood better book that 'ish FAST.

The loose updo, the dark brows, and that dusty rose lip? It's got Cindy written all over it.

Not to mention, this look is basically testament to the fact that everyone, including fairytale princesses, are down with that red eyeshadow trend.

We know that there are already a few live-action Cinderella movies, but someone definitely needs to throw Julianne's name in the ring for the next one...

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