I have spent a good deal of time during my tenure as beauty editor writing about how I love for my skin to look great. I'd rather have my skin look really good than have an amazing foundation to improve it. And on those days when my skin looks 100 percent, I want to show it off. How have I been doing that? With ReVive's new Le Tint. It's gorgeous, light, and lovely, which is perfect for this heinous weather. I had to know why this product was taking over my daily routine, so I found out from Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, founder of ReVive.

What It's Called:

ReVive Le Tint

What It Will Set You Back:

$105.00—and you can set your calendar notifications for September!

What Makes It Special:

"This product combines special bio-engineered ingredients that help promote skin cell turnover to reveal smoother, softer skin, and color-correcting pigments to instantly blur imperfections. The moisturizing formula leaves skin naturally beautiful and healthy looking while actively working to improve skin softness, firmness, and luminosity. It's also paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and suitable for sensitive skin."

Who’s It For?:

"Le Tint is appropriate for all skin types, but best for anyone with normal to dry skin."

When to Use It:

"Use this daily on areas where you experience dryness, see redness, or uneven skin tone. If you prefer medium to full coverage, try mixing a drop of Le Tint with your foundation for skin-care benefits and extra moisture."

What It Feels Like:

"Super light weight—it feels like an oil when applied and finishes more like a powder. Le Tint absorbs nicely into the skin and feels very hydrating. You'd expect dewy finish, but it actually has more of a matte finish."

What It Smells Like:

"Le Tint has a light wild honeysuckle aroma with a soft and delicate floral scent for a complete sensorial experience."

What the Experts Are Saying:

"Anytime that you apply a product to your face, if it doesn’t have treatment or skin-care benefits in it, you miss an opportunity. Le Tint includes ReVive’s RES Technology, to prompt skin cell renewal, and because it is oil based, it provides a smooth finish. Even as a lightweight oil, it still provides a nice amount of coverage," explains Dr. Brown.

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