Right now, it seems as if most of the world is experiencing a fashion flashback, bringing back styles from the '90s and early 2000s that we swore would never be cool again. But the super-model-turned-fashion-anomaly has arguably taken nostalgic dressing to another level.

We couldn't help but wonder: what prompted this switch? When did she go from crop tops and stilettos to New Balances and dad socks (in the chicest way)? From a cutout here and there to barely there at all (like a necklace, and only a necklace, as her top at the Cannes Film Festival)?

Hadid has seemingly been rotating through a variety of talented stylists, pivoting from her (and her sister Gigi Hadid's) go-to Mimi Cuttrell and working with Carlos Nazario on the Schiarapelli Lung Necklace Cannes look. She also collaborated with Dean DiCriscio — a stylist responsible for some of Olivia Rodrigo's Y2K-inspired looks — for a sheer skirt and paper-clip top combo. However, when we think about all the connections Hadid has, along with her own fashion expertise, we wouldn't be surprised if some of these quirky-cute outfits were simply due to her playing around in her wardrobe. This girl knows how to have fun and these looks are just that.

Ahead, we're rounding up the most controversial trends and pairings Hadid has endorsed as of late. And, in case you feel an urge to shout "No, never!" just remember it was this top model who made cardigans sexy, brought back tiny glasses, and practically invented the shest.

Ovary Cutouts

The infamous ovary cutout pants sparked a larger revolution (a la Kim Kardashian's Vatican City look) along with a lengthy Twitter conversation. Hadid paired this new take on the early aughts' exposed hip trend with a skin-tight, lace-trimmed cami and black pointy-toed boots.

Baggy Jeans and Trucker Hats

The overly baggy, low-rise jeans and trucker hat combination was a mix of '90s grunge and '00s sk8r boi aesthetic. The model wore these statement pieces with black Adidas sneakers and a kiss-print shirt, further proving her love for a good graphic.

Calf-Length Socks Over Leggings

Lately, Hadid has been wearing controversial calf-length socks with sneakers and loafers alike. With this athleisure outfit, the model used the 'dad' accessory to create a little pop in what was otherwise neutral combination, pulling a bold white pair over her dark leggings.

Paper Clip Tops

Juxtaposing Shapes and Fits

This unexpected pairing featured a skin-tight corset with boning, which the model wore with swimmingly large sweats. Her bun and sectioned-off bangs tied the look together while instantly reminded us of the '90s — especially Gwen Stefani in the No Doubt era.

Head-to-Toe Oversized

Another oversized look, but this time, instead of playing around with shapes, Hadid kept her clothing extra roomy from head to toe. Still, these styling choices were far from basic or boring. While the navy-blue baggy trousers and oversized black blazer were more traditional, the model spiced things up with a mesh shirt, a flat-brimmed trucker hat, and drop earrings before slipping on some lug soled Mary-Janes.

Kitten Heel Boots and Mini Skirts

Bella's mini skirt and kitten heel boots pay homage to the early 2000s — the only thing missing are jeans under this ruched dress.

Majorly Cropped Sweatshirts and Cardigans

Ultra-cropped sweatshirts and cardigans have pretty much overthrown the rest of Hadid's wardrobe as of late. If she's going to wear a jacket, expect it to be cropped. This blue, rib-length sweatshirt — which would have been styled over an extra-long tank top back in the day — was fully zipped up, and baggy, printed Vivienne Westwood jeans with long, split hems made the outfit complete.

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