Designers always create with their customer in mind and that's nothing new in fashion (at least if they want their clothes to sell). But one brand took a different approach—they let real women design the wedding dress of their dreams and then they produced it. Let's just say that the results will have boho-inclined brides ecstatic.

Grace Loves Lace, the Australian label behind the most popular bridal gown on Pinterest, decided to give its Josee dress an update by taking into consideration the 200 comments it received by real women. That's how the gorgeous Fabienne style was born.

"[...]Fabienne is a feminine dress profoundly effortless by nature," writes the brand's founder Megan Ziems. "Comfortable and easy to wear, Fabienne is equal parts opulent Boheme and classic renaissance beauty.”

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What does that translate into? The dress has an off-the-shoulder A-line silhouettte and is made from panels of French Chantilly lace with the skirt ending in an eyelash lace trim. And instead of side seam boning, the bodice has an elastic waist, which means you can dance and move around all you want without having to hold your breath in all night long. In other words, it's really comfortable.

But you'll have to hurry up and order now, because according to the brand's website, the Fabienne style is available exclusively online only until mid-October. And, yes, they ship worldwide. Otherwise telling you about this stunning number would be pure torture.

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