Exclusiveness is an intangible added value with no real and clear definition because we each have a personal and different perception when it comes to uniqueness. But if it is guaranteed by an invention patent, then it becomes universal and absolute. This is the advantage that jewelry by Serafino Consoli provides. Pieces that are not only rendered unique by being rigorously handmade by expert goldsmiths, with thousands of welding points in 18kt gold, but also, and above all, by internal mechanics, the result of years of study and experimentation. Ten years, to be precise, spent pursuing a dream which finally came true. And so, we have rings with over 20 sizes or which can, in an instant, become bracelets; earrings and pendants that change form in order to adapt to an outfit or occasion. All with a simple and speedy gesture. And with the grace and elegance befitting of a manual and technical work of art.

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