This month, we worked with designers and professional organizers to transform a four-bedroom penthouse in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. And no surprise, thanks to the organizing pros at the NEAT Method and a custom closet from California Closets, the entryway closet is just as beautiful and tidy as the rest of the home. To learn all of the tricks behind the exceptionally tidy space, we chatted with the organizers who pulled it all together. Here are six easy ideas to add to your own entryway closet — so you can get to work, soccer practice, or brunch on time.

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Double Your Coat Storage

To store twice as many short jackets and sweaters inside the entryway closet, the NEAT Method team decided to install not one, but two closet rods. By dividing the tall, narrow space in half horizontally, all of the vertical space is utilized. If you're splurging on a custom closet, ask for this feature. To DIY your own, install a second rod higher up in the closet and move the other rod lower to divide the space evenly.

Make Outdoor Gear Easy to Grab

Keep one or two clearly labeled bins in your entryway closet to stash things you tend to throw on before you head out the door— hats, scarves, gloves. Grab them before you go, and return them to their bin when you walk in the door.

Stash Your Purse in the Closet, Too

You might not have thought to store your purse in the entryway closet, but the NEAT Method pros explain that it makes it easy to grab in the morning. Also keep tissues, mints, extra cash, and other purse essentials in a closed drawer in the closet so you can restock quickly before you leave for the day.

Make Space for Shoes

Instead of running back to your bedroom closet to put on shoes in the morning, stash your go-to pair right in the entryway closet. Also provide a spot for the sneakers or slippers you throw on when you walk the dog or go to the mailbox.

Quick Cleaning Supplies

If you make the vacuum easy to find, it's more likely all the members of your household will pick it up when spills happen. Choose a slim, cord-free stick vacuum that won't take up much space and is lightweight enough to carry around the house.

Don't Forget the Dog's Leash

If you have a dog, keep the leash or harness on a hook in the entryway closet. No more time spent hunting around the house to find the gear you need for Fido's walk.

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