We'll admit that it's taken some time to get back into the swing of things, like actually getting dressed day to day and having real, people-filled places to go. But now that our vaccinated bodies have gotten pretty used to strappy dresses, non-slipper shoes, and (somewhat) stiff pairs of pants, it's time to take things up a notch with printed jeans.

Right in line with the chaotic bottoms trend, denim featuring graphic prints have been popping up on today's top celebrities for a few months now. On Instagram back in February 2021, Kylie Jenner posed in a swirly pair of pants from Tom Ford for Gucci Spring/Summer 2001, while Bella Hadid has also proven to be a big fan, owning both a Chrome Hearts pair that says "sex" and modeling a purple design from Marc Jacobs which featured a bunch of faces.

It can be argued that these two women are pioneers when it comes to fashion — they often wear items that inspire the rest of the world, and even if we do initially cringe at the thought of wearing sexy cardigans or khakis, we've found we eventually give in, and never regret it. So, if both Hadid and Jenner are on board with printed jeans — a trend we definitely remember being all the rage in 2012 — it's possible that this bottom style is about to be everywhere.

In fact, the rise (or re-rise) of the printed jean has already begun. Take a look at some updated ways to style this piece, then shop one of our picks for yourself.

Throw It Back

The queen of reborn-Y2K style, Addison Rae was seen wearing Reformation's popular newspaper print jeans back in March. She gave her look some spice by wearing these quirky — and non-skinny! — bottoms with a leather crop top from Schutz and some pointy boots.

Update Your Staples

Like most printed pants, these babies are great for giving basic pieces a bit more flair. Model Liu Wen wore her own baggy, graphic jeans with a white shirt and Nike sneakers while walking through an airport last May, and this standout piece made a super simple combo seem extra fun.

Do the Matchy-Matchy Thing

What's even better than Irina Shayk's Vivienne Westwood jeans? The fact that she paired it with a matching jacket, creating an easy, throw-on-and-go set.

Wear Them With Other Trends

Now is the time to go all out with your look. Printed jeans look great with other top trends of today, such as corsets, but they'll also work with your favorite cozy sweatshirt. You might even consider making an animal printed pair your new go-to, since this style is playful but not too extreme, and can also work as a neutral.

Keep Them In the Rotation

Since it's still warm outside, you might not see a ton of graphic denim....yet. This pants option is more of an investment piece, and will surely come in handy this fall and winter, when you're looking for a quick way to amp up those turtlenecks, sweaters, and coats.

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