The early 2000s were no doubt a confusing time for fashion, when people either layered on all the clothes and accessories they owned (belting things that didn't need a belt!) or went the sexy, skin-baring route, with tiny crop tops, cutouts, and exposed thongs. Christina Aguilera was arguably the queen of the second aesthetic. With the release of her Dirrty album in 2002, she fully embraced twisted halter necks, corset tops, and body chains — aka the very same trends that have resurfaced in 2021, now being worn by Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Addison Rae, Saweetie, and more.

Suddenly, top models, musical artists, and influencers are wearing outfits that give us full Christina Aguilera flashbacks — we've even spotted cutout leather pants in the mix, reminiscent of the singer's famous chaps. Of course, we have to give credit where credit is due, so we've rounded up some styles Aguilera wore first, along with how stars are wearing them today.

Twisted Halters

The twisted halter-neck is back, and while many are currently DIY-ing their own scarf tops like Aguilera, it's also a fun detail we've spotted on dresses, like Hailey Bieber's sleek, light brown Laquan Smith design.

Butterfly Tops

We knew Dua Lipa's Grammys Versace dress was a nod to pop icons the minute she arrived on the red carpet. Aguilera definitely wore her fair share of butterfly designs, including this cropped tank styled with a belly chain.

Butterfly Tails

Speaking of bug fashion, we've recently noticed that butterfly tails — as in, the stringy, strappy, sometimes garter-like details at the bottom of tops — have started to trend. However, this style definitely brings to mind the distressed looks that celebrities, including Aguilera, loved back in the day, the perfect complement to baker boy hats and cargo capris.

Thong-Like Straps

It's true: butt and thong fashion has come back for round two. When Kendall Jenner stepped out in Paris wearing a thigh-slit, strappy Jacquemus skirt with a matching top, it brought back memories of Aguilera's dress from the 2000 MTV VMAs.

Mid-Section Style

Addison Rae's whole wardrobe is practically a time machine (the TikTok star is even trying make Ed Hardy happen), and there's no doubt in our mind that she was referencing pop stars of the past with this mid-section accessory, similar to what Aguilera wore at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Partial Pants

Ok, Doja Cat's futuristic bottoms aren't quite cutout chaps — but they're pretty darn close.

Cutout Bodysuits

We knew that holes would be the new polka-dots, but we definitely couldn't have predicted that monokini-like bodysuits, complete with strange side cutouts, would pop back up again. Leave it to the ovary-cutout queen herself, Miss Kim Kardashian, to make it work.

Tiny Strapless Mini Dresses

See what we mean about Addison Rae? Her 'going out' dress is very Aguilera, and she even opted for lace-up heels, just like the singer did at the VH1 Big in 2002 Awards.

Vintage-Inspired Corset Dresses

We originally blamed Bridgerton for the recent corset craze, but we can't forget that this tight, curve-hugging dress style was pretty popular at the start of the millennium. Considering Kylie Jenner once dressed in a full Dirrty costume for Halloween, we can only assume she was still feeling inspired by this particular era at the 2021 Parsons Award event.

Bellybutton Fashion

One was a stage outfit and one was a red carpet gown, but the middle part of both Aguilera and Saweetie's ensembles are super similar. We aren't surprised the rapper went for a throwback moment at the BET Awards — she's also a fan of Juicy Couture sweatsuits and flip phones.

Cutout Leather Pants

On top of wearing these revealing bottoms, Addison's tiny Prada shoulder bag is very aughts-inspired, too.

White Crop Tops, Black Belts, and Jeans

For a few years, we definitely underestimated the power of a bold belt. It enhanced Aguilera's somewhat simple outfit at the 8 Mile premiere, and it did the same for Hadid in 2019. Time to add one to cart.

Tiny Sweaters, Mini Skirts, and Preppy Shoes

While Aguilera's outfit is technically from 1999, way before her Dirrty phase, we'll give it an honorable mention. While Bieber swapped out a few pieces — the cardigan for the shest, the Mary-Janes for some loafers — this sweet-yet-sexy combination is similar to what the singer wore to the very first Teen Choice Awards.

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