Unless you know your undertones particularly well, choosing your exact match of concealer of the most-flattering hot pink lipstick can be tricky territory. Sure, the hue looks fine when swatched onto your hand, but when applied to your face, things can look a little...off, to say the least. Never again, thanks to Sephora's Pantone Lip and Concealer IQ tool, which just launched at Sephora stores nationwide today. Similar to how the brand's Foundation IQ tool will match your perfect base color, the technology analyzes your complexion, determines exact Pantone match in a matter of seconds, then pulls all of the best lip and concealer options tailored to fit your unique skin tone.

For the lip category, the tool allows you to browse the impressive 3,500 lipsticks and glosses for your most-flattering shades—ranging from deep berry to tawny nude, and everything in between—which can then be narrowed down by your preferred texture. The Concealer IQ follows a similar model, but is categorized based on which part of the face needs the coverage (undereyes, blemishes, etc...), if you'll need brightening qualities, and how flawless of a finish you want. Even better, your Pantone ID is placed on file in the database, so you'll be able to access your matches both online and in-store. Technology is certainly changing the way we live, and the future is looking especially beautiful.

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