Oftentimes, when we're checking out a celebrity's outfit, we calculate the cost in our mind. It's to be assumed that that designer bag will set us back thousands, and the smallest of cashmere crop tops will fully deplete our bank account. But then, there are those moments when we're pleasantly surprised. Everyone from top models to musical artists enjoy inexpensive pairs of sneakers and sandals, and sometimes, they'll even pull out a fashion trick that's priceless in more ways than one.

Recently, we've been spotting some of our style icons knotting their button-downs the front, which is a great $0 way to revamp old items in our closet. And yes, we know that tying your shirt into a crop top of sorts is really nothing new, but between Bella Hadid and Beyoncé bringing back such a nostalgic way of wearing this wardrobe essential, we're feeling more inspired than ever.

It couldn't be easier to execute on your own, but in case you need some convincing, take a look at how a few of our favorites have been knotting their shirts.

Mix Up That Matching Set

After purchasing that preppy, light academia co-ord, your initial thought may be to tuck in your shirt. But, if you're hoping to give your look some Y2K flair, try knotting it like Bella Hadid before throwing on a pair of heeled flip flops.

Make Your Jeans Combo Feel More Fashion-Forward

This outfit is so simple, but fashion lovers know: it works every time! If you're itching for something that's a bit...more, follow Lucy Hale's lead by knotting your button-down and layering on some statement-making necklaces.

Show Some Skin

After all, this is a DIY crop top, so if you're trying to make those flowy, printed pants — or even structured trousers — feel a bit sexier, steal Beyoncé's move by leaving a few buttons undone.

Fully Transform a Dad Shirt

We'll admit that shows like Outer Banks made us want to purchase all the Hawaiian shirts, but you don't need to wear them oversized and untucked. Knot that baby up like Demi Lovato to create a more form-fitting look.

Try Something Unexpected

Can it be knotted? Kim Kardashian knows the answer is always yes. While we might not have thought to tie up our own leather shacket, she proved it's not only possible, it's eye-catching and fun.

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