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A typical day for a middle schooler during the summer often involves a pair of Birkenstock-like sandals and a charm bracelet. But when adults started wearing these accessories unironically, they started to get a bad rep as two things people love to hate. Nostalgia, though, is running high these days as we all try to imagine a time that isn't 2020, and Katie Holmes demonstrated how to wear both throwback trends in a way that people can actually get behind.

Instead of wearing a charm bracelet, Holmes introduced everyone to the concept of a charm belt that she wore with a loose black romper. It's unclear exactly where her belt is from but what's impossible to ignore is the giant gold shark tooth-looking charm dangling from the center. If you're missing music festival season, this belt is definitely something that would have been beloved at Coachella. Holmes, though, kept the outfit firmly out of festival-outfit territory by wearing it with simple black Birks instead of gladiator sandals.

Lest we forget, Holmes has a way of getting people behind unexpected trends, so we can (and should) definitely prepare for a charm belt trend to emerge in the coming weeks. While not too many are on the market right now, it can easily become a quarantine DIY project where you loop some of your old Pandora charms around your belt loops before slipping into a pair of slides for your evening walk. All the cool adults are doing it.

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