And the Brother of the Year Award goes to Matt Rotner. The 25-year-old stole the spotlight by giving a show-stopping moment at his sister's wedding with a Hamilton-inspired toast.

It all started when Rotner took to the dancefloor—in front of bride Jenna Rotner and groom Ross Drucker—on November 5 inside a Beverly Hills ballroom and delivered some personalized rhymes to the tune of "Alexander Hamilton," the Broadway show's opening number.

Turns out Matt has been busy for the past year putting this together after seeing Hamilton with his family back in October 2015—which inspired him pretty much immediately.

"I tried to be in the moment and not pay attention to the audience," Matt added, noting that he tried not to pay too much attention to the audience. "And then everyone stood up and went crazy."

The six-minute song recounted the love story of Jenna and Ross, as Jenna puts it, all 280 guests were "completely blown away."

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