Nothing can really make pores disappear. However, an extra-deep cleaning treatment can shrink them so that they look so small you (almost) forget they're there under your foundation and concealer.

That's where the Dyson vacuum of face masks comes in. Dr. Brandt's Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner Pore Purifying Mask ($42; sucks up all of junk that's filling up your pores.

The mask is loaded with salicylic and glycolic acids that break down dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, as well a blend of zinc, vitamin A, and blue lotus extract that penetrate pores to make sure that every impurity is drawn out. Mattifying botanical extracts round out the formula to control excess oil and further refine pores over time.

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What's almost more appealing than having microscopic pores is that this Dr. Brandt mask works in just five to 10 minutes. I might be pore-obsessed with a permanently oily T-zone, but I don't want a mask to make my skincare routine even longer.

When I rinse it off, my skin is noticeably smoother, matte, and I can only see my pores when I stand close enough to my bathroom mirror that my nose is touching it.

While the mask won't permanently shrink your pores, it does makes them look more refined for a day or two. I think I can live with adding an extra five minutes to my skincare routine a couple times a week.

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