Sure, we may be wishing for warmer weather at the moment (we're beyond done with 50-degree days), but after New York Fashion Week, Fall 2020 has been on our minds. So many stunning designs graced the runway this year, and while seasonal staples, such as knits and combat boots, were still present, we also noticed a few standout trends we can't wait to incorporate into our wardrobe.

So, which styles stood out to us? Check out our list, ahead, then keep it in mind during your next shopping trip. You might even find similar stuff at your favorite vintage store.

Bean Green

A must-try color pops up each and every season. This time around, that color was green. We saw it over and over again, being used for a variety of clothing: sweaters, dresses, coats, etc. Thankfully, this earth tone is a flattering one that's easy to embrace, even if you're the type to wear all black. It'll pair well with those pieces, too.

The Revamped Trench

The most classic coat of them all is getting a mini makeover. While there's nothing wrong with the basic version — it is a timeless staple, after all — we're fans of these hints of prints, off-the-shoulder options, and caped creations.

Fiery Red

Or is it reddish orange? Whatever the name, this bold color caught our attention and kind of reminds us of the season's changing leaves. A handful of designers used it for breezy fall dresses, but anyone can quickly incorporate this shade into an outfit with the help of a bag or a pair of boots (Brandon Maxwell did all three).

Over-the-Top Capes

Game of Thrones may be over and done with, but it seems like the style lives on. A cape that billows out behind us and possibly has a hood is the drama we want in our everyday life, but, of course, it's not for everyone. Shorter, slightly-less-extra options were spotted in the mix, too — we even saw a handful of ponchos, hinting at the return of another aughts trend.

Doubled-Up Prints

Now, we don't have to worry about which prints will pair well together — our favorite brands have it covered. We saw a good amount of mixing going on, especially with dresses, where multiple plaids or floral designs were combined to create one standout piece.

Contrasting Bows

As the saying goes, it's all in the details. Whether they were being used as a necktie, a belt, or an embellishment, black bows added a hint of femininity to shirts, sweaters, and even gowns. It's also an easy trick that anyone can try now — all you need is a simple black ribbon.

Eye-Catching Cutouts

Showing skin via cutouts is nothing new, but this trend continues to expand. Instead of sticking with anything symmetrical, Proenza Schouler had a dress with a side cutout and a shoulder cutout on the same side. Eckhaus Latta also opted to use a contrasting trim, which really helped to make things pop.

Spaghetti-Strap Dresses

We're going back to the basics — at least in terms of straps and necklines. There's something super sexy about a simple, spaghetti-strap number and an added bonus is that these babies look great when layered over button-downs and turtlenecks, too.

Printed Boots

Boots — especially the over-the-knee type — will always be big for fall. They're warm and they go with a variety of outfits, whether you're wearing a skirt, a dress, or a simple pair of jeans. Now, printed boots are having a moment and some eye-catching options were spotted at Tory Burch, Tom Ford, and Ulla Johnson.

Glamourous Gloves

Will long gloves actually become a thing? That remains to be seen. Still, this accessory popped up on numerous runways and we know plenty of celebrities will be on board (Amal Clooney, we're looking at you).

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