Demi Moore is no stranger to matching outfits with her family, but now, the actress and her daughters — Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis — are taking things to a whole new, coordinated level. The four women appear together in a just-released campaign for Andie Swim, showing off a few of the brand's best selling designs.

And InStyle has the exclusive first look.

While Andie has become well known for its quality, size-inclusive suits since its launch in 2017, according to the brand's founder and CEO, Melanie Travis, Moore has supported the brand since the very beginning.

"Demi was an early investor," she tells InStyle over the phone. "We've always talked about what would make sense to do together, and then back in December of 2020 — in anticipation of a successful vaccine rollout and then what would hopefully be a great summer of friends and family, being able to travel, and get together again, across the United States — we felt like this could be the perfect summer to do a campaign together."

After a few conversations about what they could do, Travis says Moore made the suggestion of posing with her daughters.

"Andie is such a cross-generational brand, so I was thrilled when she said that, not just because I think it's perfect for the brand and the campaign, but also it's the first time that Demi and her daughters have been in a campaign together," Travis says. "So, for many reasons I'm so excited that it worked out this way."

In the photos — which, somehow, are simultaneously sweet and sexy — the women can be seen wearing Andie's must-have styles, including The Amalfi, The Malibu, The Tulum, and more.

Travis points out the age range from Tallulah, 27, up to Demi at 58, "And they all look hot in all these suits, right? The styles that we make — from the fit, to the fabric, to the form of the suits — are really designed to be flattering across age demographics, across body sizes, and so I think that's really what is so special about the product we make." With this campaign, she adds, she hopes "to. show that no matter who you are, you can look and feel great. After all, if you're wearing a swimsuit, hopefully you're having fun somewhere. We just really believe that you should be able to enjoy life's great moments and not be tugging at your swimsuit."

Andie's swimsuits range from size 0 to 26, and nothing is over $115. Take a look at Demi, Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah's campaign, ahead, then shop for your own suits at

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