Even if you consider yourself an expert shopper and a massive fan of all things fashion, picking out something to wear for specific events — weddings, date night, a job interview, etc. — can still leave you feeling stumped. For instance: What's a good outfit to wear to a baseball game? You obviously want something that's comfortable and weather appropriate, but at the same time, you don't want to sacrifice personal style.

Is there a balance? Something that's cute and practical, that maybe mixes in team gear in a casual, laid-back sort of way?

Of course there is. And using street style as inspiration, we found 15 great ideas to get you started.

Rock a Team Shirt — With a Twist

Lean into the whole preppy, academia trend and style your favorite sweatshirt or tee with a plaid skirt. Then, top things off with boots or chunky sneakers.

Take It Easy

If you're looking for something that's throw-on-and-go but still makes a statement, why not slip into a brightly colored jumpsuit? Then, if you're looking to add some team colors to the mix, incorporate a neckscarf or shoes that include those specific shades.

Break Out a Breezy Dress

To keep it from feeling too fancy for an outdoor event, add a bomber jacket and lug-sole boots.

Double Up On Denim

Even though styling a denim jacket with jeans isn't as groundbreaking as it used to be, it'll still stand out in a crowd and feel bold and unexpected.

Slip On a Sweater Dress

Not only is this piece easy to pull on in a pinch, it'll keep you nice and warm during those chilly fall games. Plus, it looks great with a baseball cap.

Add an Extra Layer

If your combination of denim and a simple sweatshirt is a bit too 'meh' for your liking, a vest will spice things up. Not to mention it's a practical choice for in-between temperatures.

Try a Wear-Anywhere Combination

Sometimes, the best solution is to go with an outfit idea you know works every time. Dress down your favorite frilly skirt with a causal tee, chunky socks, and sneakers before completing the look with a jean jacket in case the temperature takes a dip. This one will take you from the game to a dinner date afterwards.

Go Beyond Denim

2021 has truly expanded our casual pants options. Now, you can easily replace your favorite pair of jeans with a baggy leather alternative, trousers, or printed bottoms, all of which have proven to be extremely versatile and pair well any shirt option.

Pull Things Together With a Playful Jacket

A leather blazer, shacket, or even a chunky cardigan can be the one piece that transforms your look into a fashion-forward game day outfit (along with a colorful pair of shades).

Elevate Your Loungewear

If it's somewhat hot outside, you might be tempted to reach for summer essentials, such as stretchy shorts and a solid tee. However, a button-down has the ability to pull those pieces together and turn them into a standout outfit.

Opt For Oversized

Baseball games aren't exactly short, so you'll want to be comfortable while you sit in the stands. In that case, go with a cute baggy combination, like loose bottoms and an oversized sweatshirt, then complete your look with a team hat and sneakers.

Incorporate the Best of Fall Fashion

Once it hits September and things get a tad chilly, all your fall clothes are fair game. Slip on a turtleneck with sweatpants, then tie it all together with a shacket, boots, and a beanie. Done!

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