The lob or long bob is the must-have hairstyle for the fall and winter seasons. It is a trendy haircut that will suit everyone. To show you how beautiful this style can look we have found 23 of the best lob hairstyles for fall and winter. Not only may you find inspiration on the cut but you may even find a new hair color to!

1. Metallic Rose Gold Lob

First up we have a bold and unique hairstyle. The hair has been cut into a long bob and colored with a metallic rose gold shade. Rose gold is a must-have for the fall and winter so when you combine the metallic color with the lob you have a double trend hairstyle. Something like is perfect for the girls who want to make a dramatic change.

2. Warm Tone Lob

The autumn and winter is the perfect time to add warm tones to your hair. The weather is colder and the fashion is darker but a lob like this will brighten up your look. This long bob is a multi-tone style and it would suit everyone. You can pick hair tones with your stylist to create a natural look.

3. Blonde Wavy Lob

You don’t have to go for warmer red and brown tones you could mix it up with blonde. Blonde is chic and timeless so it will suit every season. Our next lob shows how you can use blonde color to brighten up your brunette hair. A lob like this is great for women who want to give their hair a lift.

4. Copper Red

Next, we have a long bob that is perfect for the fall. This lob has been colored with a beautiful copper red. Red tones like this one are a great choice as it will add a flash of vibrant color to your look and it suits the autumnal natural surroundings.

5. Caramel Highlight Lob

Want to update your brunette hair? Then this next pick could be for you. The hair has been cut into a long bob with highlights that are close to the natural hair. This creates lighter and lifted hair that doesn’t look artificial. This method of coloring hair works for any shade.

6. Pearly Blonde Lob

If you want a new hair cut that is elegant and chic, then this could be what you are looking for. This lob has been created with a pearly blonde shade. It has a light and icy look to it which will suit the winter perfectly. Light hair like this will transform your look.

7. Sun Kissed Balayage

For many it is hard to leave the summer behind but just because it is fall doesn’t mean you should give up sun kissed hair. This stylish lob has got light blonde balayage which gives it a sunny look. Hair like this will brighten up all your fall and winter outfits.

8. Fall Red Ombre Lob

Want to try fall red tones but don’t want to dye all your hair? Then this next pick could be for you. This lob features dark red ombre. Ombre will grow out with your hair and does not require upkeep. So, it is perfect for anyone who wants a new look without the hassle.

9. Blonde Lob

You don’t have to go for bright colors or anything too dramatic. Maybe try a simple cut like this one. This hairstyle just has a straight simple cut in a light blonde color. Hair like this is timeless and will look gorgeous season after season.

10. Ginger Lob

Red and ginger hair has never been trendier. During the fall and winter these warm tones are the perfect color choice for hair. You could go for a bright red or a subtle ginger shade like this one. It looks natural and suits the autumnal season perfectly.

Source: @madisontristen

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