For most of their lives, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been considered fashion icons. We still find inspiration from their childhood outfits (those pre-teen years were very 2019) and as big-name designers, they've created staples that are well worth the splurge (we can't resist a fancy sweater from The Row). While the sisters' own style has become a formula of all-black and oversized, Mary-Kate managed to switch things up this week in the world's comfiest-looking pants and a pair of heeled sandals.

Apparently, MK and A were hanging out with their friends in NYC, and, to be honest, this outfit is perfect for going from the couch to the bar while still looking cool. Sure, it's casual, but the stripes on the pants and those heels make things much more elevated. Plus, a black sweater is a year-round must-have. Even during the summertime, someone, somewhere, is bound to be blasting that AC.

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Aside from the joy of seeing Mary-Kate deviate from her usual go-tos, there's also the knowledge that her heels are shoppable. They come from her very own line and will no doubt be something we'll reach for all season long.

The Row Sandals

To Buy: $790;

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