Almost every day, we wake up and feel the urge to quote Robin Williams' character in Jumanji: "What year is it?!"

It's sort of hard to tell when it comes to fashion, since so many throwback styles - thong pants, twisted halter-necks, pully tops, etc. - have somehow weaseled their way back into our lives. There's also the fact that one of the most iconic couples from the early '00s, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, have recently reunited. Save for a few small changes in our day to day (like the inability to peel our eyes away from our phones), it's almost as if we've straight up time traveled back to the start of the millennium.

Even looking at old photos of 'Bennifer' can be somewhat confusing. Their clothes from when they were first together from 2002 to 2004 - nearly 20 years ago! - feel weirdly familiar and modern, thanks to all those trends coming back into our rotation. In fact, if the two ever decided to recreate a few of their looks from way back when, we guarantee it would take us a few minutes to even catch on.

Lopez and Affleck's original couple outfits are surprisingly on-trend for 2021 - so don't mind us as we steal a few fashion tricks from this perfect pair.

Lopez's Halter Top

It's potato brown, part of a set, and includes pully details. Something tells us that Gen Z would love to get their hands on this sexy style.

A Cool Cutout and Ice Cream Dressing

We love basics that include some flair, such as Lopez's white tank, but even more than that, love the keyhole cutout, a trend that's also having a moment in 2021. Affleck, on the other hand, has completely nailed ice cream cone dressing, which has been a seasonal favorite of today's top models.

Non-Skinny Jeans

You've probably heard the rumors: skinny jeans are over and wider styles are in. So, why not take a tip from Lopez, who was spotted in 2003 leaving a video store (RIP!) wearing a pair of bootcut denim. The slightly flared bottoms gave her otherwise simple outfit some oomph, although in 2021, we'd feel tempted to replace her heels with a pair of white sneakers or lug-sole boots.

We also can't forget Affleck's baggy trousers, graphic tee, and baseball cap pairing. We're confident we've seen Emily Ratajkowski rock a similar look.

Some Wardrobe Staples

Part of what makes this pair's old outfits work for modern day is the fact that they wore so many timeless pieces. If you're debating investing in white jeans, khakis, button-downs, or a nice pair of hoops (a Lopez favorite!), consider this your sign to go ahead and add to cart.

Lopez's Tracksuit

We've certainly seen the benefits of tracksuits and matching sets over the past year and a half, since the look is both comfortable and a stress-free, pre-made outfit. And, considering Lopez is still a big fan herself, she could easily rewear this exact outfit from head to toe and make it feel modern.

Seasonless Dressing

Can you guess which season it is in this photo? Probably not - and that's a good thing. Lopez and Affleck were definitely ahead of the seasonless dressing craze. The singer and actress' mini skirt and black boots combo could work for almost any month, especially with the rise of summer boots, while her leather jacket is light and versatile enough for year-round wear (plus, we're loving the blazer-inspired design).

Affleck also reminded us of the power of layers. Pairing a blazer with a zip-up is a great way to spice up these staples and create a balanced outfit, even in 2021.

Classic Red Carpet Glamour

Cutouts, cold-shoulders, adjustable straps, TikTok top hacks - pretty much all these trends have led to the rise in popularity of one-shoulder designs, similar to Lopez's Valentino dress from the 2003 Academy Awards. In fact, if we saw a more casual sundress version of this breezy, mint green gown, we'd snap it up and wear it for every single summer event.

Khakis and Fun Hats

We learned this tip from Ben and Jen long ago: when in doubt, go with classic outerwear. These top layers, especially Lopez's camel colored overcoat, are the type you can hold onto for years, since they're never out of style. The neutral shades also mean they'll work with any kind of outfit, whether you're stepping out in jeans or opting for more formal attire.

And remember when everyone from Katie Holmes to Taylor Swift was wearing baggy newsboy caps last winter? We wonder if they found inspiration from Lopez, who proved this hat was a great addition back in 2002.

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