We've got to hand it to the people who design swimsuits - for such a small amount of material, they've really managed to spice things up this year, leaving us with a ton of trends to choose from. We've got our upside-down tops, shiny lurex materials, strappy, wrap-around options, and, of course, the ruffle-butt.

But one look we're not totally sold on quite yet? The Tarzan-like, super cheeky (sometimes thong), string bikini bottom, which models and celebrities seem to be breaking out any time they're near a body of water. This side-tie style is fully adjustable, similar to triangle top, but the right way to wear it is by scrunching the whole thing to the middle, covering just the *essentials.*

Don't get us wrong - there's something equally sexy and cute about this design, which reminds us of swimsuits from the '90s and is right in line with all those throwback trends. But, they're just so incredibly tiny, and after seeing a TikTok video pointing out how they look like vintage period belts from the late 19th century, we simply can't unsee it.

Yet, while these bottoms are no doubt one of the most divisive trends of the season - and clearly aren't the best option for those looking for full coverage, or anyone easily annoyed by constant adjusting - thanks to models and influencers, they're all over social media. And, like many questionable pieces of clothing, seeing it over and over again has us wondering if we should give it a try, too. After all, it does qualify as part of the chaotic bottom boom, and works for both vacation season and hot girl summer.

Thankfully, since this extreme string bikini is so popular for 2021, there are plenty of options out there being sold in various vibrant colors, patterns, and sizes. So, if you're ready to hop on board and step out in this attention-grabbing yet controversial style, we've rounded up some great options at a variety of price points, ahead.

Frankies Bikinis Tia Satin String Bikini Bottom

Shop now: $80;

Lovers + Friends Fajima Bottom

Shop now: $68;

Urban Outfitters Out From Under Cora Curtain String Bikini Bottom

Shop now: $36;

superdown Liv Bottom

Shop now: $38; 

Fashion Nova Pool Side Dates Terry 2 Piece Bikini

Shop now: $33;

L*SPACE Gina Bitsy Bikini Bottom

Shop now: $88; 

Inamorata Capreria Bottom

Shop now: $85; 

Jade Swim Lana Bottom

Shop now: $90;

Shein Plus Halter Triangle Thong Bikini Swimsuit

Shop now: $15; 

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