Two of the most popular hair colors are brown and blonde. Many ladies choose to be either blonde or brunette but what if you combined the two? Brown and blonde is such a stunning color combo. There are many shades of both colors and they all compliment each other perfectly. Not only that, but blonde is a beautiful way to lighten and brighten brown hair. So, if you have been a bit bored with your hair and think it could do with a makeover, then you are in the right place. Check out these blonde and brown hair ideas for some inspiration. There is a cut, color and style for everyone.

1. Classic Brown and Blonde Hair

The first hair idea that we want to show you is a classic blonde style. So, the hair is a beautiful brown shade with added bright blonde highlights. Hair like this is easy to wear, will suit anyone and it will give your brunette hair a sun-kissed look. Color like this is great for the ladies who want to give their dark brown hair a lift.

2. Brown and Golden Blonde Hair

There are so many shades of blonde and one that compliments brown perfectly is golden blonde. Here is a stunning example. For this look, the hair is long and the root to tip color is dark brown. Golden color has then been added over the top. As you can see, the warmer and richer blonde just looks amazing. It also looks more natural which is what a lot of ladies want.

3. Brown and Blonde Ombre

Another color option that you can try is ombre or balayage. Ombre has a more distinct line between colors and balayage is more blended. You could create the style below. The hair is dark brown and midway it changes into a bright blonde shade. It is a beautiful and trendy ombre style. Try something similar or add more color towards the root of the hair for a more blended look.

4. Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

Next, we have a stylish bob to show you. The hair is cut quite short and around the front it would be chin length or just below. It is a very dark brown shade and beautiful blonde highlights have been added. We love this style because if the cut was just brown, it would be very blunt and striking. Whereas the highlights soften it and give the hair a chic look. Try the warmer and more natural blonde like featured or you can go lighter and brighter for a more bold look.

5. Caramel Blonde Hair Idea

This next hairstyle has multiple blonde tones running through it. As you can see, the hair on the bottom layers is dark brown while the rest of the hair is blonde. There is a mixture of cool and warm shades such as golden and caramel blonde. The darker caramel blonde looks stunning. You can recreate this look for a summery style or try just the brown and caramel color combo.

6. Beautiful Light Blonde and Brown Color

If you want the blonde color to make more of a statement, then this is for you. Here we have long brown hair with light blonde color added over the top. As you can see, the color difference is more striking while the hair is tied up. It is a cute and stylish look. Try a similar style to this or you could go even brighter. A more icy blonde would look so trendy.

7. Chic Short Cut with Blonde Highlights

Next, we have another short and chic hair idea to show you. For this look, the hair is chin length and it is mostly brown. The blonde color is added quite subtly. Most of the blonde is around the front of the hair which frames the face beautifully. This is just a stunning color and cut that will look gorgeous on anyone. This is great for the ladies who want a complete hair transformation.

8. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Bangs

Thinking about changing your hair by adding blonde? Well why not add bangs too?! Here we have a brown and blonde hair idea with bangs. The hair is mid-length with blonde highlights and the highlights have been added to the bangs as well. As you can see, it is such a gorgeous style. Recreate this or you can have more lightweight bangs or even side swept ones.

9. Bright Blonde Hair Idea

The next hairstyle is another trendy statement maker. The hair is very dark at the root, then it blends to a lighter brown shade and then the color transitions into a very light blonde. It is such a bright color change and the blend between shades is stunning. If you want to jazz up your hair, then this is a stylish way to do it. Maybe try the style and cut as those are gorgeous!

10. Dark Brown Hair with Multi Blonde Highlights

Next, we have another multi tone look. Again, the hair is very dark at the root and once you hit that color change, that is when other shades are added in. There are lighter brown tones and multiple blondes as well, both cool and light. It is a beautiful blend of color. As the color is only midway, it does give you the chance to change your mind as it will grow out easily.

Source: @breakingbronde

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