Just when you thought you've tried every breakout remedy on the market, a tiny sticker could be the answer to your prayers. We're not talking about the Lisa Frank variety here—infused with acne-killing ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil, consider these translucent stickers to be a potent spot treatment you won't have to worry about smearing on your pillow. Like most skin care trends, acne stickers were already big in Korea, with The Face Shop's Spot Clear Intensive Patches ($1.50 for ten; sasa.com) among one of the most popular choices.

Our editors previously tried out Sarah Chapman's Spot Stickers ($40 for 16; net-a-porter.com), and now that stick-on pimple remedies have international, brands like Peter Thomas Roth ($12 for 24; sephora.com) and Nexcare ($8 for 36; drugstore.com) are bringing more options stateside. Before applying the sticker of your choosing, prep your skin just as you would before putting on your traditional spot treatment by cleansing your face. Peel back one of the dots, and press it directly over the affected area. Since serums and moisturizers can cause the stickers to slide around, we recommend following with your regular skin care routine after they're all in place. Allow the ingredients to work while you sleep, and in the morning, you should see a dramatic reduction in size, that is, if the bump doesn't disappear altogether.

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