Let’s be real. No one will ever forget that Kim Kardashian West basically owns the nude lip/smoky eye combo, but in case you needed a reminder, her latest Instagram appearance will do just that. While Kim. K.W. has been wearing a seemingly minimal beauty look as of late, with all the focus on her well-groomed brows and waist-length extensions, her makeup look at artist Mario Dedivanovic's master class in Dubai was all sorts of glam.

The star flew out to be a guest, speaker, and model at her longtime makeup artist and friend’s much-anticipated class, and the look he created for her was a true Kim K.W classic. We got glimpse of it in Mario’s Instagram pic, where Kardashian is wearing smoldering black smudged liner on her top and bottom lashlines, flawless glowing skin, and a dewy nude lip. We can only assume he used a shade from the Master Palette by Mario for her shadow, too.

Overall, it’s a Mario signature. "My whole thing with makeup and my philosophy I think is I like everything to be blurred out. I don’t like any harsh lines, especially in the eyes or on the lips, too,” he told InStyle at a sneak peek of his New York City-based master class.

As for the seamless lip look all his clients wear so well? Mario told us the secret is in a trusty lip liner. "I really like the lips to be softer, and to do that, I like to use a pencil that’s slightly deeper than the shade. I almost never just apply the pencil. I always apply it and blend it up, or I line the whole lip with the pencil. A lot of the times, I’m just using the liner and a balm—not even a lipstick,” he told InStyle.

But those that snagged the nearly $1700 tickets to his class in Dubai didn’t just get to see Kardashian as his muse. According to the event’s website, they also got to listen to the star talk about what celebrities look for in makeup artists, tricks for creating his "sought after” looks, and self-marketing tips. Honestly, they should get Kris in there.

Mario’s next class launches in London in March, and at a little over $650, the tickets got a giant price slash. Only downside? Nothing on the class description indicates Kardashian will show up.

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