Saks, Tiffany, Harrods...The "temples" of luxury retail are also innovating. Even by launching new formats for jewelry. While in Dubai, high-end shopping acquires its own forms that set the precedent.

Tarang Arora
Title Ceo and Creative Director of Amrapali
Where London
Why A gem bar at Harrods. A simple idea that transmits the strong know-how of the Indian brand

Innovating in the retail space is the Indian jewelry house, Amrapali, who have opened the first ever of its kind Gem Bar at Harrods, London, showcasing a vast collection of rare, precious and semiprecious loose stones from around the world. Ceo and Creative Director, Tarang Arora adds: «We developed our gem bar as being a dramatic theatrical display to highlight the beauty of every stone. We aim to educate and show the difference between stones from a variety of origins. I want to involve clients on every level in the design process and work to create unique jewels that have personality.»

Adi Al Fardan
Title Founder of and Adi Hasan al Fardan Jewellery Trading LLC
Where Dubai
Why He knows hot to anticipate market trends and create new business realities

«The project we have been building over the past years is a online platform in the name of Joorey is the future of the jewelry industry in the Arabian Gulf region. The portal will operate in 5 countries, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, Uae, Kuwait and Oman. The target market is the online generation, Millenials and Generations Z, as they are driving force of up to 80% of the online market. The portal will host professional jewelers and designers with great capability of growth.» These are the words of Adi Al Fardan, founder of Adi Hasan at Fardan Jewellery Trading LLC, one of the leading companies in high jewelry in United Arab Emirates.

Mark Metrick
Title President of Saks Fifth Avenue
Where New York
Why An innovative space housed in a legendary department store from New York

Why Saks? In September it opened The Vault, the new precious temple on Fifth Avenue, 1,000 sq dedicated to jewelry.

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