Caltagirone’s roots in working with ceramic go way back to even before the year 1,000, to 827 AD. This is when Sicily was conquered by the Muslims, who brought the culture of this art form from Africa. But what is the link between Sicilian ceramics and contemporary jewelry? Francesco Alparone, a skilled potter and cofounder of the company along with Filippo Vento, who takes care of commercial matters, tells us the secret. With the Verus brand, they aim to reinterpret the concept of ancient majolica, creating objects of great aesthetic value that are decorated with important gems. Francesco’s handiwork leads to Moors’ heads that are only classic in shape, featuring sparkling emeralds, rubies and diamonds on foreheads, ear lobes, or turbans, set as brooches or other types of jewels. There’s Alika, a female Moors’ head with an intense blue head covering that sparkles with a ruby and diamonds paired with a gold necklace that also features a ruby as a pendant. Then there’s Crono, which has a crown and turban with rubies along with gold and diamond details. Rhéa has a diamond tiara and earrings. These are just three of the creations from the Koinè collection, which is the most unique and precious line from Verus, attracting admirers from all over the world.

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