This weekend, we have a full schedule planned of not-so-healthy choices and tryptophan-induced rest and relaxation, and for that, we are especially thankful. To make sure your complexion reflects just how much rest you've gotten, make sure to pencil a DIY facial in somewhere between zoning out to football on the TV and determining your Black Friday game plan. Try your hand at an all-in-one kit like Bliss' 'Night Night' Facial in a Box ($14;, which acts as a streamlined, Sparknotes version of the luxurious spa treatment.

First, start with the Makeup Melt Gel-to-Oil Cleanser to take off the day, and follow with a generous layer of the Multi Face-eted Clay Mask, which evens out texture, boosts your moisture levels, and contains a dose of glycolic acid to simultaneously kill any acne-causing bacteria, minimize pores, and impart a radiant finish. After the mask dries completely, rinse it off with warm water, then use a layer of the Triple Ex-Glow-Sion to enhance your glow. Even better, Bliss has a pretty sweet 30-percent-off deal running for Black Friday, so it's a good excuse as any to spring for that overnight shipping and roll into the office on Monday looking refreshed.

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