A new weekly appointment with the curators of the Museo del Gioiello (Jewelry Museum) in Vicenza, who will meet the public every Tuesday afternoon at 5pm with video sessions, to reveal the small masterpieces selected in each room. They are virtual visits, dialogues with the curators, to "live" all the jewels exhibited at the museum, thanks to the initiative put in place by Alba Cappellieri, professor of jewelry design at the Polytechnic of Milan and director of the Vicenza Museum of Jewelry, together with Vicenzaoro team. Every Tuesday, at 5 pm, it will be possible to connect with the curators of the individual rooms that make up the museum, who will talk about wealth, stories, curiosities. A curator a week will reveal the hidden world behind the new macro themes that make up the museum's rooms: magic, future, fashion, symbol, function, beauty, art, design and icons. The 'Tuesdays at the Jewelry Museum' project was first launched on Tuesday 28 April, with the webinar of the curator Cristina Boschetti of the Magic room. While tomorrow it will be the turn of the designer Olga Noronha, curator of the Futuro room, to virtually lead the public through the futuristic works selected for the museum, revealing languages, curiosities and provoking with an aesthetic of great rupture. Waiting for tomorrow's meeting, you can listen to Cristina Boschetti's speech last week:

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