It's a sad reality that even when you start to see fine lines emerge on your skin, breakouts can still be an issue. So if wrinkles and pimples are both on your mind, it's time to reassess your beauty routine. "That's why I created this line," says Honest Beauty founder Jessica Alba.

Of Honest Beauty's new Younger + Clearer collection ( Alba says, "I wanted a product that could address both issues." Enter star ingredient retinol: It stimulates cell turnover, which in turn helps clear pores and refines the skin's surface. It's coupled in select products with exfoliating salicylic acid derived from wintergreen plants.

Complete with cleanser, toner, night and day lotions, plus a spot treatment to target zits, the range can be a bridge from acne care into anti-aging. But if pimples persist (come on, we know they will), best keep some makeup tricks in your back pocket.

Alba's secret? She layers more than one color cream to cover up. "I use a concealer with green undertones to camouflage first," she says. "Then I add a skin-matching shade over it." Sounds like a recipe for a flawless finish.

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