Learn from nature. There could be no better claim to express the philosophy that pervades the brand and the XDiamond project before that, one of the first companies in Europe to produce and distribute jewelry with lab-grown diamonds. XDiamond is therefore a contemporary, technological and sustainable diamond, and as such, encases all the values that the young public, the Millennials, are looking for. Not only fashion and design but also ethics and attention to the environment are the recurring themes that the new generations are the most sensitive about. A well-defined target that XDiamond is particularly focusing on by creating collections in 375 and 750 gold and silver with white and colored lab-grown diamonds interpreted in rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets that look like classic jewelry for special occasions, but with a careful eye on investing more in life experiences than in assets to possess. And so, beautiful, well-designed jewelry with considerable personality whose main concern is the future of the wearer.

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