Miley Cyrus' style has certainly evolved over the years, going from her country roots and Hannah Montana days to the rebellious risk taker we know and love today. She has long since said goodbye cowboy boots and hats (and, gah! — skirts over footless tights?), trading them in for a badass rock and roll vibe that showcases her ability pull off any tricky combination (even if it involves questionable pieces, like fully embroidered vests).

Still, while Cyrus' current fashion choices look quite different from, say, circa 2007 Miley, there are a few staples she's continued to rely on over the years. And, even better? They're actually versatile items that belong in everyone's closet. With a few quick moves and additional accessories, you can easily add your own personal twist, cycling through them again and again with different pairings.

We've rounded up 11 pieces of clothing and accessories that Cyrus has been wearing for multiple years, proving that, like most style icons, she sticks to a handful of fashion rules. Honestly, she slays us with every single look — and we're a prisoner to her fashion game.

Throwing Shade

Cyrus is never afraid to go big, especially when it comes to her hats. The singer often uses this accessory to pay tribute to her southern roots while staying true to her current style. Over the years she's demonstrated how a wide-brim can quickly elevate any outfit, from basic jeans to dress pants, while also providing sun protection.

Stacks On Stacks

Whoever said less is more was sadly mistaken. Cyrus has repeatedly proven this theory wrong with her stacks upon stacks of jewelry and chains. Although she dares to mix daintier pieces with chunky ones, the star often sticks to a color scheme such as silver and black when layering her necklaces and bracelets. This helps to create a combination that's more coordinated than chaotic, and is easy to incorporate into any outfit.

Taking the Plunge

If you got it, flaunt it. The singer knows that a great way to show some skin is with a low-cut neckline, and we've spotted her pulling this move on multiple red carpets. Even if she's wearing all black, this style adds an attention-grabbing, sexy twist. Plus, once again, layered jewelry helps to complete the look.

Not-So-Basic Blazer

It's almost unfair how well the star pulls off a blazer. With nothing underneath, it's like business and party in the U.S.A. front. It's also worth noting that this structured wardrobe essential never goes out of style. Even if you aren't a fan of skipping a shirt — or adding a bralette to nail the bracket trend — you can style an oversized option with jeans and a graphic tee for a grungy-chic outfit.

Topping Things Off

A bra top isn't a go-to for everyone, but for Cyrus, it's a must-have. Whether it's wrap-around style, knit, or simple and black, she has proven this piece is much more than just lingerie. Cyrus has no problem wearing her bra tops solo, but they can also be styled under a blazer or over a shirt. Time and time again, she's nailed this look.

Sheer Genius

Sure, the naked dress is nothing new, but let's not forget that Miley is the queen of this trend. From glamorous see-through gowns to the the time she blessed us with her sheer dress at the 2020 VMAs witha pair of matching gloves, she thoroughly enjoys this jaw-dropping look.

Loving Leather

A bold leather look is the epitome of cool girl style, and the possibilities for outfits are truly endless — just take a look at all the ways Cyrus has worn this material. It somehow takes every article of clothing to the next level, whether it's pants, jackets, or skirts, and basics such as turtlenecks and tees are immediately amped up with the addition of this texture. While we've seen a surge in leather button-downs as of late, a belted leather dress is one of the easiest way to show off your bad-girl side.

All-Black Everything

To some, an all-black look may seem basic, boring, understated, or expected. But alas, Cyrus is here to demonstrate how it doesn't have to be that way. By playing around with texture — faux fur, sparkles, knit materials, leather, etc. — her looks are anything but average, and she also makes sure to add eye-catching details, such as ripped denim and oversized layers.


Risk taker is practically Cyrus' middle name, and clearly, she's someone who isn't afraid to bare it all — or, you know, cover up certain bits with sparkly pasties. Somewhere between the BangerzandDead Petzeras, these tiny strips of material became a fashion staple for Cyrus, and she fully committed to the look. Sometimes, her pasties are embellished. Sometimes, they're just perfectly placed straps. But, we've definitely gotten used to seeing the singer in barely-there outfits like these.

Daring Denim

Denim is one of those things you can wear forever, and Cyrus has embraced almost every cut and style, whether she's wearing printed pieces or doubling up. Pretty much all denim styles cycle through again, and the singer proves that it's worth it to hold onto 'outdated,' vintage finds — even '90s-style low rise jeans, which have made a comeback.

Larger Than Life Sunglasses

Cyrus has no problem blocking out the haters — or the sun. Her sunglasses collection is full of fun frames, tinted lenses, and embellished designs. Go big with oversized rectangular frames like the star, and add a mask for all over protection.

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