Tears will be shed at your wedding—that's an inevitable fact. Hopefully, they'll be happy tears, but there will absolutely be tears. Your game plan? Waterproof everything, particularly your eyes. It's your best bet to avoid looking like Taylor Swift in the "Blank Space" video, streaks of eye makeup and all.

Waterproof mascara goes without saying, and you'll want to follow that up with an equally budge-proof eyeliner for good measure. Chanel's Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner is our favorite by far, and delivers an even finish of color that really lives up to its long-lasting moniker. Most importantly, it won't run no matter how hard you cry.

We love how the pigment is almost intense enough to pass as a liquid formula, but the precise stylo gives you more control. The color practically glides on, and can be blended out if needed, but once it sets, it isn't going anywhere. The hero ingredient used in the formula, which is responsible for that smooth finish and resistance to water. Better yet, there's no need to pack a sharpener into your kit on the day of. You can simply twist the pencil up, and use the cone-shaped piece tucked into the end to bring the product back to a point.

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