I purchased the Clinique 3-Step System on May 29, and started using it right away. I have combination more oily skin so this system was appealing. I purchased the facial wash, clarifying lotion No. 3 and the oil-free moisturizer gel as a set for $45 from Sephora. I read the product labels and descriptions to understand how to use the products and what to expect. I also read several hundred products reviews (both professional and customers) to get a feel of others' experiences with this system. I used this system twice a day for almost a month. I will review each product individually.

Liquid Facial Soap

I really liked this product. I sat the bottle directly on my sink for easy access day and night. This cleanser is a mild, water-soluble liquid soap. This product removed all of the make-up from my face with one wash. I did not use this product to remove mascara and gel liner but it was effective on brow make-up. I did not develop an allergic reaction and the product did not irritate my skin. I was very pleased.

Clarifying Lotion No. 3

The Clarifying lotion was somewhat confusing. Clinique labels this product as a mild exfoliant but I suspected a toner. The package ingredients indicated this product contains alcohol and witch hazel. These two can irritate some skin types and be very drying. I did not have this problem although I kept a close watch out for it. I was concerned though the salicylic acid in this mild exfoliant was not sufficient to remove the dead skin cells on my face. Therefore, I added an additional exfoliant to my regime. It is important to me to support the renewal process of my skin. When the Clarifying Lotion No. 3 is gone I will switch to Clinique's Even Better Essence Lotion Combination to Oily. Depite its name this Clinique product is more of a traditional toner. Toners are also important to me to add skin repairing ingredients to my skin.

Dramatically Different Hydrating Gel

This moisturize is just ok in that it feels more like a lotion than an actual gel. The product is light and easily absorbs but I miss the usual cooling soothe of most gel moisturizers. This product is oil free and definitely hydrated my face. A close review of the package label indicates this gel is not full of antioxidants as I hoped. When this bottle is empty, I already have another skin rejuvenating gel I plan to try. Overall, my skin is acceptable after this system but not GREAT like Clinique promised.

Clinique 3-Step Kit Photo

Final Verdict…Only 1 product out of 3 would I buy again.

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