The scene: Crowded to near claustrophobic levels in the three-story-high Samsung 837 venue in N.Y.C.'s Meatpacking District the day before the official start date of New York Fashion Week. The overall mood: Anticipatory—because, despite the delayed arrival, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are worth waiting for at a fête thrown in their honor. The Wednesday evening party celebrated the Kendall + Kylie collection for fall, the sisters' second in total, and one that you can buy right now at

Since contemporary design with an athleisure-chic mindset is their forte, what they're offering for fall is, simply put, everything they're into. "We did a lot of bodysuits, because we're really into them, and we did a lot of styles that you can mix and match," Kendall says, pointing to Kylie's white bralette. "I think with every collection we become more comfortable with design and it gets better and better."

But even though Kendall waxed on about bodysuits and their easy-to-wear nature ("It's one thing that you can throw on and figure out the rest," she says), she opted out of a one-piece for the event. Instead, she went for a cropped bomber sans layers (and with the zipper pulled down to create a makeshift plunge) and a pair of black wide-leg pants. Meanwhile, Kylie got the whole oversize look down pat with striped pajama-y separates with a Vetements-inspired slouch—her top casually shrugged off to reveal one shoulder.

"What else are you into for fall? Is the oversize look one of them?" we prompt, calling out Kylie's pantsless concert look from the night before.

"Yes, definitely," Kendall enthuses.

"And green. I'm really into army green, hence my eyes," Kylie cuts in.

But when asked about a fashion trend that they didn't expect to take off, they were stumped. Eventually, Kendall says: "It's been done for a while now, but I didn't think chokers would come back the way they did." Surprising, right? Considering her relation to the queen of chokers (aka Kim Kardashian West) and the fact she was wearing two—a black double-stranded choker and a delicate gold cross-bearing chain—stacked atop one another.

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